Well after being sick for a few weeks and having a stressful start to the semester I am back. And here is what you missed. Absolutely nothing. Lol. I’ve been very boring besides the fact that its a new semester and I started tanning there is not a single change in my life. I’m not sure how ll ill be able to keep up with this with school, which is what ended my last blog, but I’m going to try. It might not be everyday like I hoped for but I will do my best. As for now I’m off to go get some extra homework done so I’m ahead for the week.

Have a day as cheerful as freshly baked cupcakes


Insert cool sign language here.

As part of my resolution this year I decided to try something new each week. This week I started learning ASL I’ve only got a few things down, but I’m really excited to learn more. I’ve wanted to learn this for awhile now, but I haven’t really had enough time to start it, now that I’m fairly comfortable with some basics I feel that learning it will be a little more easier with my schedule. That really all I have again today. Sorry to be lame once again, but it’s a crazy time of year, and I’ve been working quite a bit, but I have off tomorrow which means you guys are getting a really awesome post and review of the week, because I believe I’m just going to stay in most of the day thanks to this cold.

So as always have a day as cheerful as freshly baked cupcakes,

Squirrel seeking chipmunk, a change in the line up

So I’m sorry if anyone was actually looking outward to a world issue but I realized Wednesday is such a busy day for me and to spend the time double checking my issues, and working out something that effects as ,any of my viewers as possible is just a little tricky right now. Maybe ill reintroduce it during summer break, but ow isn’t the best time for that. Soooooo books it is, which is perfect for me because I read a lot. This book I haven’t read since summer but its still one of my favorites that I’ve read since then.

I happen to have a few amazing roommates, and one of them is a big reader as well, she lent me this book and I was finished with in 2 days. I loved it. It’s compiled of short stories, all from the view of animals. The book is written by David sedaris, and is coved with beautiful illustrations, that at times may be a little Gory, but hilarious. This is the kind of boom that goes perfect with listening to she and him who I reviewed earlier I. The week.

It’s witty, hilarious, about animals, and has pictures, so give it a try, you will love it, or I’ll read one of your books, but I want a full report if that’s the case, because I don’t see many people disliking this book.

Have a as cheery as freshly baked cupcakes,

Fa la la la la la ohhh fuck it I don’t feel like singing.

So I’ve recently had the pleasure of watching the movie pitch perfect. I laughter, I cried, and gaged a little too. I thought it was quite funny in the end though. I have to say that all in all my favorite character was fat Amy. She made the movie in my view. The movie is all about rival ‘glee’ groups that battle it out at the national level for their five minutes of glory. It’s a hard movie to explain, completely worth a leap of faith. I w not interested in watching it before my friends voted me out on watching it one night, I’m glad they did though. With a somewhat awkward turn of events e movie pulls you in fast, and keeps your attention throughout. I can early sit through a movie and this kept my attention the whole time. I give it a 4/5 star rating. Definitely give I a try! Tell me what you think! Sorry to cut this short, but I’m sleepy after New Years.

Have a NIGHT as sweet as freshly baked cupcakes,

How to make your resolution stick!

It’s New Year’s Eve again, and like most people I have a resolution this year, I’ve been fairly successful in the past, but I’m concerned with how successful I’ll be this year. Here. Are some tips that I’ve found helpful in the past

make a good list chances are you are aiming a little high. Think of all the the things you would want to change, a little depressing I know but the tips get more fun I promise. Think of your schedule and what you can manage. Keep your goal actually reachable, otherwise you are just setting yourself up for failure.

try and find a friend with a similar goal let’s face it everything is more fun with a friend! So think about who you know who has brought up that. Subject, or just ask a few friends for their resolutions and see if any match.

make it specific not just I want to eat healthy. Say I want to make sure I get at least 3 vegetables a day. This makes you more aware of what exactly you need to do.

don’t throw it away, add to it don’t just say I don’t want to eat as much junk food say for every time I eat junk food I will have a fruit for my next snack.

it’s okay to break it January is a beat month when it comes down to it. So don’t just give up if you have a bad few months, the resolution is for the whole year and these cold gloomy winter months are only a small part of the year, visit it in may when everything is coming back to life, or in June or even n the fall, don’t just quit right away.

reward yourself go get that ice cream cone in June, or go shopping when you turn down a cigarette, you just did it! That’s exciting, you deserve it!

tell people your goal no one likes to lose, so you are always more likely to stick to it when people know you are trying.

make an inspiration board grab a glue stick and some magazine cut outs, some glitter, and inspirational quotes. Put it somewhere you pass often, I normally put mine on my door so. Have to pass it every time I leave my room. It helps inspire you.

have fun with it unless your goal was t o tour hire yourself over every set back have fun. Laugh at your mistakes and try a little harder next week. In the end YOU HAVE A YEAR! Change isn’t that easy so have fun while you go, or it will be a long year.

Hope this helps you stick to your goals, I know I’m excited to start on mine. And as always have a day as cheerful as freshly baked cupcakes!

What can you do with a sentimental heart?

Since it is that time of year I was thinking about caving and reviewing christmas music but then I remembered how tired of it I am after having it play non stop for months at work. So I found a better solution! I’ll review a band that also has a Christmas album! And o this beautiful Monday is dedicated to she and him. Yay yay yay. I do love finding excuses to listen to Zooey and M. Ward. So here it goes.

When 2 people as awesome as these guys get together you know it’s going to be nothing but fun, and that’s what she and him is nothing but cute good clean fun that’s perfect for individuals like me who dance around all day long. How do you top that? Add the most wonderful time of the year and you have perfection. And to add to it they might just be the cutest band ever formed.

So wether you are a seasoned fan, i just convinced you, or you think I’m doing a terrible time and you and your bad attitude just want to prove me wrong here is a list of what I think is the best of she and him, and trust me this was a hard choice.

Sentimental heart
Why do you let me stay here
In the sun
Don’t look back
Baby, it’s cold outside

Best served with a side of here comes the sun and freshly steamed roxy roller.( in my opinion)

For me they are the perfect band to listen to when I’m curling up with a book, or just enjoying the sunshine (or snow with their Christmas album). They are relaxing but not boring, cute but not obnoxious, and creative but not so weird that you don’t get their message.

As one of my favorite bands they rank in at 4.5 stars (out of 5)

So until next time,
Have a day sweeter than freshly baked cupcakes!